Open Payment Platform


Open your payment gateway to
exceed your limits

The payments market is crowded and highly competitive, but PAY.ON’s Open Payment Platform is a cost-effective way for payment providers to stay ahead of the curve by reaching the market faster, accelerating business growth, and extending market reach. Connecting to the platform also means merchants offer payments that are simpler, seamless, and part of a broader package. For shoppers this becomes a frictionless payment experience, which is virtually invisible.

The Open Payment Platform is at the core of PAY.ON's gateway solutions. Our white label payment gateway features connectivity to more than 300 alternative payment methods and card acquirers in more than 160 countries, PCI-compliant merchant onboarding, e- and m-commerce options combined for a seamless omni-channel experience, and a non-compete guarantee.

Speed and simplicity without compromise

payment technology solutions

The Open Payment Platform is comprised of 3 key attributes:

The platform features one RESTful API (application programming interface) and interactive documentation to ensure rapid and efficient integration for payment service providers and their merchants.


The platform is available anytime, anywhere. The real-time access to services and APIs is quick, convenient and user-friendly with full 24/7/365 tech support.


The platform features rich functionality via modular services on a do-it-yourself basis, developed in-house and by third parties, to create a customized and unique service offering. 

Enable your business

Business growth

Simple integration processes and automated administration for fast merchant onboarding.

Extensive market reach

Access to more than 300 alternative payment methods and acquirers via a single integration.

Flexible payment architecture

RESTful open API architecture, which easily integrates new or existing features, provides a competitive edge in the ever-changing payment market.

Reduced costs

Lower operational and support costs through interactive online tutorials and full support for merchants' payment needs.

Open payment toolbox

transaction processing system

Transaction Processing

A single integration provides access to any of our three methods of transaction processing: widget-based payment forms, server-to-server processing infrastructure, or through plugins such as, our white label Apple Pay SDK.

Open Merchant Dashboard

Clients, developers, and third-party partners can integrate widgets that combine with available features for a customer-targeted dashboard.


A fully automated solution that handles everything from administration to configuration for rapid merchant onboarding.


Customized overviews and in-depth intelligence reports complete with charts and graphs. Reports are consolidated and additional modular features can easily be added.